Saturday, March 10, 2012

some more of my wips

they all big projects so will be a while before i have a completed one but trying to make progress. I work on the checker gameboard on the bus as its simple and a good time killer!

trying to color my hair what an adventure!

Well I have been coloring my hair black for 2 years now (naturally med brown) and I decided to go red for a change. Well I tried to color my hair and the roots came out red but rest of hair black. So I tried again and same results. so I did research and found out that I had to strip the original color (the black) to get the lighter color to show up. Well I did the color stripping and then had to immediatly do the new color because when stripping the old color it wont take you back to your natural color. well after putting goop on my hair two times and sitting around I finally got red hair but the roots are much more red the the rest of the hair go figure. this is the final result