Wednesday, June 26, 2013

whats been gong on in my crazy life

Well finally moved the 1st of the month. Stress level has gone wayyyyyyy down now that not dealing with psycho landlord. Did i mention he was telling people that my autstic son is a prick and probably gay. Yeah..not cool!
The new house not as big but so much nicer, its up to code, all tile floors with decent kitchen can finally cook properly! oh and the over the stove microwave had rust in it so property manager went and got us a new one (countertop but still just as happy) and not one complaint about how much it cost him etc (like with old landlord).
not even week into hurricane season and got a tropical storm...typical! These last few days have been CRAZY with tornado warnings. here is link to one spotted tornado

(and i am not that far from downtown).

So that has been my crazy life. oh and my cousin who was living with us up and left for Montana for 30 days..not one word and left stuff at old place. Boyfriend said to leave but at time didnt know about his sneekyness so i moved it saying "what if he is in the hosptial" not one word to us about it, left owing us money too! you say your an adult..ACT LIKE ONE!

Been mostly crocheting not much cross stitch got another haed i need to get working on would like that one done this year and need to frame the other one.

on that note peace out!

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