Thursday, September 12, 2013

lions brand jigsaw puzzle pattern breakdown

there is a chart for the pattern and its small and can be tough to follow esp if you lose your place. So i wrote it down as i went along for future referance. now i used the colors that the picturs showed but you can always change them up. the actual pattern can be found here
now i went from bottom to top and left to right when i wrote it so pay close attention as every other row have to go right to left when reading it
Lions brand puzzle
Top to bottom left to right
A Yellow B Blue C Red D Green
Chain 30 A 30B 31A
Rows 1-14 sc across (starting from 2nd chain from hook) 30A 30B 30C
Row 15 30A 25B 2 A 3B 30A
Row 16 30A 24B 4A 2B 30A
Row 17 31A 22B 37A
Row 18 32A 20B 38A
Row 19 33A 2B 2A 14B 39A
Row 20 38A 13B 39A
Rows 21-24 39A 12B 39A
Row 25 40A 12B 38A
Row 26 40A 13B 37A
Row 27 40A 13B 5A 1B 31A
Row 28 40A 14B 2A 3B 31A
Row 29 40A 20B 30A
Row 30 33A 2B 4A 21B 30A
Row 31 32A 4B 2A 22B 30A
Row 32 31A 29B 30A
Rows 33-35 30A 30B 30A
Row 36 30A 14B 3C 13B 30A
Row 37 30A 13B 5C 12B 30A
Row 38 30A 11B 9C 10B 30A
Row 39 30A 11B 9C 10B 30A
Row 40 30A 10B10C 10B 30A
Row 41 30A 10B 11C 9B 30A
Rows 42-43 30A 9B 12C 9B 30A
Row 44 30A 10B 11C 9B 30A
Row 45 30A 11B 10C 9B 30A
Row 46 30A 12B 8C 10B 30A
Row 47 30A 14B 5C 11B 30A
Row 48 30A 14B 4C 12B 30A
Row 49 30A 13B 7C 10B 30A
Row 50 30A 12B 10C 8B 30A
Row 51 8D 10A 12D 30C 8D 10A 12D
Row 52 10D 7A 13D 30C 10D 7A 13D
Row 53 12D 4A 14D 30C 11D 5A 14D
Row 54 11D 5A 14D 30C 11D 5A 14D
Row 55 10D 8A 12D 30C 10D 8A 12D
Row 56 9D 10A 11D 30C 9D 10A 11D
Row 57 9D 11A 10D 30C 9D 11A 10D
Rows 58-59 8D 13A 9D 30C 8D 13A 9D
Row 60 9D 11A 10D 30C 9D 11A 10D
Row 61 10D 10A 10D 30C 10D 10A 10D
Row 62 10D 9A 11D 30C 10D 10A 10D
Row 63 11D 7A 12D 30C 11D 7A 12D
Row 64 12D 5A 13D 30C 13D 3A 14D
Row 65 13D 3A 14D 30C 13D 3A 14D
Rows 66-85 30D 30C 30D
Row 86 14D 3B 13D 14C 3A 13C 30D
Row 87 13D 5B 12D 13C 5A 12C 30D
Row 88 12D 7B 11D 12C 7A 11C 30D
Row 90 10D 10B 10D 10C 10A 10C 30D
A yellow B blue C red D green
Row 91 10D 11B 9D 10C 11A 9C 30D
Rows 92-93 9D 13B 8D 9C 13A 8C 30D
Row 94 10D 11B 9C 10C 11A 9C 30D
Row 95 11D 10B 9D 11C 10A 9C 30D
Row 96 12D 8B 10D 12C 8A 10C 30D
Row 97 14D 5B 11D 14C 5A 11C 30D
Row 98 14D 4B 12D 14C 4A 12C 30D
Row 99 13D 7B 10D 13C 7A 10C 30D
Row 100 12D 10B 8D 12C 10A 8C 30D
Row 101 30B 30A 8C 10D 12C
Row 102 30B 30A 10C 7D 13C
Row 103 30B 30A 12C 4D 14C
Row 104 30B 30A 11C 5D 14C
Row 105 30B 30A 10C 8D 12C
Row 106 30B 30A 9C 10D 11C
Row 107 30B 30A 9C 11D 10C
Rows 108-109 30B 30A 8C 11D 11C
Row 110 30B 30A 9C 11D 10C
Row 111 30B 30A 10C 10D 10C
Row 112 30B 30A 10C 9D 11C
Row 113 30B 30A 11C 7D 12C
Row 114 30B 30A 12C 4D 14C
Row 115 30B 30A 13C 3D 14C
Rows 116-118 30B 30A 30C
Row 119 30B 29A 31C
Row 120 30B 22A 2C 4A 32C
Row 121 30B 21A 4C 2A 33C
Row 122 30B 20A 40C
Row 123 31B 3C 2B 14C 40C
Row 124 31B 1A 5B 13A 40C
Row 125 37B 13A 40C
Row 126 38B 11A 41C
Rows 127-130 39B 12A 39C
Row 131 39B 13A 38C
Row 132 39B 14A 2C 2A 33C
Row 133 38B 20A 32C
Row 134 37B 22A 31C
Row 135 30B 2A 4B 24A 30DC
Row 136 30B 3A 2B 25A 30C
Rows 137-150 30B 30A 30C     

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