Tuesday, February 4, 2014

learning new stuff

wow did not realize its been so long since I posted! I worked for salvation army again this past Christmas bell ringing, so did my son. After mastering the art of crocheting (which took me no time to learn) I decided to learn how to knit. Finally after 4 starts (and help from a great lady) I finally finished my first hat which is a chemo cap. I am a member at the local hospital of a yarn group and we knit and crochet for different projects (like chemo caps, wool hats for kids in Alaska, baby hats and blankets for a doula at local hospice etc) and its been a great support group. I am attaching a pic of my first knitted hat!
I also crocheted a sock monkey along with a baby sock monkey, Woodstock and snoopy.
I am also attempting to learn the knook which is knitting but with a crochet hook. wish me luck!

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